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C/1LT Reyna Castillo
  • A principal staff officer for all matters concerning human resources, including personnel readiness, personnel services, and headquarters management

  • Provides administrative support for the battalion

  • Prepares and maintains unit strength reports, rosters, and records

  • Responsible for battalion bulletin boards and photo displays

  • Plans organize, and supervises the execution of battalion awards ceremonies, change of command ceremonies, commissioning ceremonies, and social events

  • Receives operational control of any particular project committees as directed by the commander

C/1LT David Herrera
  • Supervises battalion physical security

  • Provides terrain analysis, light and weather data, and threat information for battalion planning

  • Serves on event staff for planning and conducting battalion training events

C/MAJ Eileen Suarez
  • (S-3) is the principal staff officer for all matters concerning training, operations, plans, and force development and modernization.

  • Training responsibilities include: Conducting training within the command, preparing training guidance for the commander's approval, conducting training inspections, tests, and evaluations, and compiling training records and reports.

C/1LT Delmaris Carrion
  • Primary Staff Officer responsible for coordinating the logistics integration of supply, maintenance, transportation, and services for the battalion

  • Coordinates for receives distributes, and controls supplies and equipment for training.

  • Conducts inventories and maintains a continuous working knowledge of on-hand supplies and equipment within the battalion

  • Responsible for early coordination with and serves as a link between Cadets and the cadre supply technician

  • Serves on event staff for planning and conducting battalion training events

C/1LT Marializ Espinal
  • Principal staff officer for all matters concerning recruiting, civil-military operations, and public affairs

  • Responsible for all Cadet recruiting on the campuses in coordination with the cadre Recruiting Operations Officer (ROO)

  • Responsible for enhancing the relationship between military forces and civilian authorities to include campus staff and faculty, public information, internal information, community relations, written publications, photographs, and related duties as required

  • Specifically responsible for the written material, consolidation, and publication of the battalion newsletter

  • Serves as a focal point for local advertising of the program

  • Serves on event staff for planning and conducting battalion training events

C/1LT Jairony Morales
  • Responsible for photo/video support for all Battalion events.

  • Maintain and update the Lancers Battalion Army JROTC website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

C/1LT Lucia Pinto
  • Assists the commander in establishing, synchronizing, and integrating actions with information themes and messages. This coordination provides consistent messages to diverse audiences within the community and the School District.

  • Prepares by informing and Influencing Activities to the operation order or operation plan.

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