Marksmanship begins December 9th in B209 at 6:30 am!

The type of rifle marksmanship that is taught and practiced in the JROTC program is a three-position air rifle shooting that is done with 4.5 mm (.177 cal.) air rifles with the targets placed at a distance of 10 meters. 


Target rifle shooting involves firing in three different shooting positions, standing, kneeling and prone. These shooting positions originated with firing positions that once were taught to warriors and soldiers and were used in battle or hunting. Today, these traditional firing positions have evolved into specific shooting positions that are part of target shooting and are defined by competition rules recognized throughout the world. This team is commanded by C/CPT Crissel Severino and CO C/1SG Joaquin Lara. The team meets every day from 06:00 until 07:30. The cadets are constantly training for competitions that occur around the winter season. 

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